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A soffit serves as the multi-purpose part of the house. It allows the circulation of air through the roof joists keeps you away from the water and serves for many purposes. A good solution for damaged fascias and wood soffits is an aluminum soffit, because a lot of time and money is wasted in repairing, scraping and painting the wood soffits which is damaged. On the other hand, it is very favorable to replace it with   aluminum soffit because they could be purchased in minimum time. It is necessary to know about them so that a perfect cost-effective soffit could be developed of high durability and strength during the final aluminum soffit installation. 

With the help of shears durable aluminum soffit could be safely cut. When this soffit is cut by the circular saw, some kind of distortion is generated at the final end.  Therefore shear is preferred in comparison to circular saw to cut these aluminum soffits.

Cutting Instructions

Some instructions should be strictly followed while making a cut in aluminum soffits. They often favor the installation and operation at the later stages.

  • A length should be set on the surface of the table of aluminum soffit. After that measure should be taken and then marked with the permanent marker of the length which is required for cut.
  • After that short side should be placed opposite to another side of aluminum soffit and the other side should be aligned with mark you placed on the edge of the square long blade. 
  • The permanent marker then should be dragged on the edge, and the line should be created on the edges of aluminum soffit’s surface and align the surface of the double cut sheet which you made on its face.
  • Trigger of double-cut shears should be pulled followed by tilting the handles and then a gentle push to double-cut the marked area of the aluminum soffit.
  • After you cut the aluminum soffit piece you should remove the bur left during the cutting process by running a fine-tooth rectangle file alongside.

Installation Tips

When the aluminum soffit is cut then the process of installing is carried it and few things must be adhered to while installing a soffit. Here are some ways which can help you in installing

  • You should project out the old gutters or any old material and readily remove it. It is most important in this step to make sure any thing old doesn’t grow or spread rapidly.
  • Before making aluminum soffit you should check that you have all the necessary equipments for performing this work. The important tools consist of trim nail punch, hammer, folding tool, carpenter's square and the utility knife.
While installing aluminum soffit nails should be taken care of and it should be always be in knowledge that what size of nails are used.  Aluminum nails of sizes 1 and ½ are regarded as best nails which could be employed during this process. nails matching the same color of the material could also be found and it helps looking sleek
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